Epicor 9 Consulting Review by Data Guidance Group

One of the trends in recent years has been merger of ERP software companies. Real World was acquired by Great Plains Software. GP immediately discontinued new sales of the product (the technical term is “killed the product.”) Great Plains also bought Solomon. Microsoft bought Great Plains Software. Computer Associates bought ACCPAC, then sold it ten years later to Sage. Sage seems to be buying everyone.

Epicor is the latest casualty. It has been purchased by Apax partners and merged with Activant software. Now the Epicor product line almost rivals Sage. How many products does Sage own these day? Ten? Eleven? Fifty? It’s hard to keep up.
Anyway, there’s a review of what seems to continue to be the top product in the Epicor line (Epicor 9, which is the renamed Vantage product). We have posted the review of the product along with some product information.