Google+ — The Newest (?) Kid on the Block

By the time you read this, Google+ may not be the newest kid on the block, but for now it is, and it’s getting some attention (particularly because it’s by Google). Since Google+ is so new, many people aren’t sure what it will turn into. The way facebook tends to release new updates and force them into the system, some would rather have an alternative, and with Google’s market clout, there’s a good chance that this is an alternative to facebook. Studies are already appearing about the new social network: There’s an Eye Tracking Study, an introduction and SEO analysis, and an interesting set of experiments on Google+ and Twitter.

None of this means that Google+ will take off like Twitter and facebook. It at least illustrates the rapidity of change in the social media world, and the impact that one media item might have on another.

I consider Google+ to be in its infancy as of today. If you’re into social networking, sign up and join the party.
Oh, and drag me into one of your circles. I’m there.