Xerox Machines and Accounting Software

Somewhere in the last few months, I’ve started using copy machines (Xerox) as an example of the way businesses can improve profit through technology. During presentations, I ask audiences if there’s anything they know their copier should do but don’t know how to do it. I get a lot of hands. I ask about specific things like duplex and making booklets. “Do you know how to do them on your copy machine?” I get few hands.

“Do you think your copy machine will do things you don’t know about?” I get lots of hands.

Some of those things probably don’t make any difference to your business profitability. Some of them might. Here’s the catch: if you don’t know they’re there, you can’t take advantage of them.

Next to most accounting / practice management / operational / ERP software, copy machines are pretty simple. So if you don’t know about features on your copier that could save you money or make you money, how likely is it that your software could make you more productive or help you close more sales?

And…as a matter of fact…most copy machines have similar features. If you know Xerox, you probably have a good idea about what Lanier copiers will do.

That’s where software consultants can help your company: we know the features of the software you have, and how other businesses are using those features to make and save money. Call us. We usually find significant savings or profit in your existing system. And if you need new accounting software or ERP software, we can help with that as well. You might also be interested in our research on the Top 10 Accounting Software packages.

STATICS ™ Business Growth System is ideal for implementing and profiting from these features.