ERP 300 Anyone? Accounting Software by the Number!

Rumor has it that Sage ERP ACCPAC will soon be “rebranded” Sage ERP 300. According to the SAGE ACCPAC group on LinkedIn, we will have Sage ERP 300. What is now Sage ERP ACCPAC 100 will become SAGE ERP 300 Standard. Sage ERP ACCPAC 200 will become Sage ERP 300 Advanced, and Sage ERP ACCPAC 500 will become Sage ERP 300 Premium.

Confused yet?

My question for Sage: Will this branding exercise provide clients and partners any more value? Or is it just another way to make the products seem “generic” so you can kill the products that you don’t want to continue supporting (like Sage ERP Pro or Sage PFW)?

Since I’ve worked with ACCPAC off and on for 25 years, I know it pretty well. The current changes in plumbing and user interface are impressive and important steps forward for the product. This branding? Perhaps I should just stay over here on my side trying to help our clients use whatever software they have to make more money. Basically, I could care less what you call the stuff as long as it works!