Before Your Accounting Software Dies…

Many of the clients we work with are the proud owners of dying systems. Dying, I say, because they are 15+ year old and the person or company who created them are (sometimes literally) dying. Old versions of Unix, AIX and XENIX, and the hundred different operating systems and software packages that sprang to life in the “early days” of accounting software are on the way out.

PDiagram showing the rough relationship of the components of an ERP software system.eople I talk to can’t believe that Peachtree software used to be a full-fledged modular accounting software package. We recommended it to clients at $495 per module, with a single user. You can buy Peachtree 2012 from CDW ( for $1104.99 for 5 users. It includes everything you’d need to run a small, simple business.

In the days when Peachtree General Ledger sold for $495, accounting software was just for accounting. Accounting software today is usually called ERP software. Today, the emphasis is on using the software to improve margin, increase efficiency, serve customers better, and grow sales.

To get the most out of ERP software, software today is being implemented with a view to the ROI of the system. Metrics are used to guarantee that the system improves the bottom line.

Software today implements business processes and provides many opportunities for improving the bottom line.

Our specialty is helping clients save money and grow sales by using their ERP and accounting software better. More information about ERP software and accounting software is available on our web site.