Every Business Can Be More Successful…With Less Work

I truly believe that every business can be more successful with less work. In fact, I’ve spent the last 25 plus years of my career helping businesses do this. Don’t get me wrong. What I do isn’t without pain for businesses. I’ve yet to meet the client that wakes up on Monday morning thinking, “I think it would be fun to replace a big chunk of the software I use to manage my business!” Or perhaps, “The week wouldn’t be complete without dramatic change in my business.”

Using computer software technology to improve business success isn’t without pain, but few worthwhile things are without pain. Every time I’ve decided to improve my physical fitness, whether it was walking, jogging, lifting weights, or swimming, there were times in the next few months that I just knew I’d made the wrong decision. When my muscles ached in the morning, asking me, “Why did you do that to us again?” I knew that pain makes gain.

So I truly believe that every business can be more successful. Define success as you will: more profit, fewer hours, more customers, more satisfied customers, etc.

Now here’s the big thing: Even though every business can be more successful, what I personally do can’t necessarily make your particular business more successful. As much as I like doctors, I don’t need an OB/GYN. I just don’t have the right parts. My wife, on the other hand, got much benefit from the help they provide (we also got a few kids in the bargain).

The one thing I’ve believed all along is that when I can’t help someone, I tell them. We’re going to expand that into a more significant statement in the new year. Until now, think about how you might make your business more successful.

I believe every business can be more successful…with less work.