GoDaddy Deception: This Hacks Me Off

Let’s face it, the IT industry has enough things going on to frustrate people. Viruses, SPAM, popups, phishing, and cyber attacks, just to name a few. And that’s not even to mention the possibility that your personal information, or lewd pictures that your underage daughter sent her boyfriend (or that your son sent his girlfriend, for that matter) wind up on suggestive sites.

Now we’ve got GoDaddy (the master of implying in SuperBowl ads that they’ve got something akin to porn if you’ll only visit their site: Danica Patrick and all) using their “create your own website” feature to place links back to their site. Check out this blog post on Yoast.

2 thoughts on “GoDaddy Deception: This Hacks Me Off

  1. I had the opportunity to hear Bob Parsons speak in the fall and while I didn’t agree with their marketing style, I had to respect him as a business owner. I’m not familiar with the backlinks you are referring to….does GoDaddy request permissions or make it easy for you to remove?

  2. Cathy,

    The blog post on Yoast that I mentioned points out three things I think relevant (a) the tool that breeds the spammy links is designed for novices (noobs if you prefer), (b) the display in the web-based editor looks innoculous, and is different from the actual display, and (c) it’s possible to turn it off but not obvious. There’s no “Is this OK?” from GoDaddy…though you see an icon in the editor.

    In this case, with a tool designed for non-designers that are not web saavy, I think GoDaddy needs to make it more explicit. Check out the Yoast article and let me know what you think.

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