Do You Really Need an IT Professional? Part 1 of 3

The scraping sound you hear is the sound of my soapbox being dragged to the center of the stage. Some will very much dislike this series of posts. So be it. But for some, it will be the catalyst to get you out of a bad situation; it’s for those folk that it is written. Some of what follows may be a bit sarcastic. I’ll leave it to you to pick that part out.

I have decided something very important. From now on, I am going to be my own lawyer, dentist, and medical doctor. I had two courses in business law in school. There are plenty of books in the library. I successfully incorporated my business several years ago. I can save myself $250 or so an hour by doing all my own work.

I’ve also watched my dentist for years. There isn’t much to it. He pokes my teeth with some sharp steel sticks, then brushes them, flosses them, and charges me about $100.  And since my father is a doctor and I have a Physician’s Desk Reference, I don’t need to go to the doctor anymore. My MD only gives me a half-dozen different drugs anyway. I can just call my father and get him to call in the best medicine picked from the PDR. I haven’t figured out how to do a heart balloon yet, but I’m going to check the book out of the library as soon as I get a chance.

Perhaps you detect a note of sarcasm. Perhaps you think you know what’s coming. This is a column about “brother-in-law computer experts.” Lest you think it is all self-serving, read on. I plan to redeem myself before the last post in this series.