QuickBooks POS — Not Your Father’s QuickBooks

I was talking to an employee of a new client yesterday. We are helping them implement QuickBooks POS. The conversation started with, “When I saw this was QuickBooks, I thought Uggghhh…” Oh, boy, I thought. This is going to be a fun conversation. But then he continued, “But when I looked at it, it looked like a pretty good register system. The more I played with it, the better I thought I’d like it.”

Then I told him that they were going to have 3 different workstations from which they could process transactions (they have one of those old grey carbonless ticket dispensers now). Manual summaries of sales for the day are going away. The system will automatically store history. And on and on.

Turns out he thinks QuickBooks POS is a pretty good thing for their business. We wouldn’t have proposed it if we didn’t think so as well.