Sage ACCPAC ERP 6.0 — Tried the Inquiry Feature Yet?

One of the additions to Sage ERP 300 6.0 (ACCPAC) was the new portal. There’s a button on the portal that some users have found, and others seem to have missed. It’s the new Inquiry feature. When you click the button and choose A/R Transactions, the screen that appears looks like this one:

After a bit of toodling, you’ll figure out that you can set criteria or filters in the top part of this screen, and see the result below. You also have some control over what appears in the columns at the bottom. And–best yet–you can export this display to your favorite spreadsheet.

Check it out! It’s useful.

Wish list: Add the ability to query Inventory Control, Purchase Orders, Payroll, and Order Entry data!