Getting More from Your Business Software in a Floundering Economy

Business software isn’t the most important thing on most customers’ minds today. Most of the businesses I talk to these days seem to believe that the economy is improving some. Trouble is, they’re not quite ready to say the recession is over. I’m sure the uncertainty in the political environment is part of this, but it appears that economic ups and downs will continue for the next few months, at least.

Image of accounting and business software output pages.Businesses are trying to do more with less. More shipments with fewer employees. More sales with fewer salespeople. Some have found that the downturn is a good time to improve technology in order to fare better during the downturn. The key to this is not about technology. I’m always suspicious of the companies that promise me an improvement if only I’ll buy their technology. Sometimes the technology you have can do more.

Finding More in Your Business Software

When I talk to clients about their business software, ERP, or accounting software, it’s not unusual to find that there is some feature they weren’t aware of (or didn’t remember) that could save money or improve sales. It’s these features that you might look at during the next few months. As the economy recovers, use of these features may allow you to get more work done with less effort.

Some features you might look at include: credit management, CRM, sales automation, quoting, automated marketing, and integration to other operational systems. Watch this blog for more ideas.