Reading the Instructions

Men–so the adage goes–don’t read instructions. For me, that’s not really true. I read them, but sometimes I miss things. Or perhaps the instructions could be better.

These instructions were for resetting a fairly complicated device (a firewall) to factory default.
(1) Backup the firewall. Check.

(2) Disconnect from power. Check.

(3) Press the reset button. Check.

(4) Reconnect the power and hold the reset button down until the alert light on the front turns amber.

Well, I got through 1-3 and I thought 4. Problem was, it didn’t seem to work. I was disconnecting, pressing, reconnecting, and holding. And, well, the light was blinking amber. So didn’t I follow the instructions?

Turns out, no. I had to wait until the light went solid amber. Works. Glad I didn’t contact tech support. They might well have advised me to RTFM (Read the Fine Manual).