Notes on Installing SugarCRM

CRM is generally considered a key component of ERP; SugarCRM is a widely used alternative that is open source. SugarCRM comes in several versions, including the free Community Edition (CE) and three paid versions with additional features.

I made a few notes as I installed version 6.5.5 of the CE, which I thought might be helpful:

  • First, install the IIS Manager application and set the default web site to port 8080. In IIS 7, you do this by clicking on the default site and choosing “bindings..” from the right-hand menu. This frees port 80 for SugarCRM.
  • I did the typical install which brings Sugar up.
  • You need to open port 80 on the firewall. The instructions for this are on the Microsoft site.

Other than these, the install is pretty automatic. Version 6.5.5 looks good! The screen print is of the top part of the Contact screen.