Businesses Still Integrating Legacy Systems – Sage ERP Study

Sage recently conducted a study of top priorities for ERP customers. Sixty-five percent (65%) rated integration of legacy systems into financial systems for a single view of  their data as a top area for new investments.

Data Integration on Metal Gears.This also lines up with many of the projects we are doing today. Businesses that have data in various best-in-class systems increasingly want the data in one place. Salesforce provides their CRM, but they need key customer data like invoices, statements, shipment dates, and warranty claims available  in Salesforce. At the same time, many of these businesses are re-keying order data when they close deals in Salesforce.

Salesforce provides an API that programmers can use to pull data from Salesforce and push data to Salesforce. Programming for this interface makes data flow seamlessly from Salesforce to your other products such as shipping, ERP, and invoicing applications.

But our work isn’t just with Salesforce. Product descriptions, pictures, information from websites, and data collected in Excel, ACCESS, legacy systems, and SQL can also be easily integrated using today’s tools.

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