Do We Rely Too Much On Technology?

“Last updated at 1:43,” said my iPhone mail app. Swipe down. “Cannot connect to …” Swipe down. Time is 2:25. Turn iPhone off. “Last updated at 1:43.” Time is 2:42.

Connection Down Sign On A BrowserIt’s a habit. Checking email. Keeping in touch with the office. So when Comcast has problems and the internet connection goes down, it’s a problem. More and more businesses use VOIP providers that operate over the Internet. No internet means no phone.

We rely so much on our technology that there are service providers (take a look at InternetSeer) that check websites and keep track of service and down times. It’s common to see no downtime at all on these reports.

Yesterday’s report shows 2:42 of down time. I wonder what that costs in lost website traffic?