ERP But no eCommerce? Why?

If you’ve got an ERP system and don’t have e-commerce to go with it, that’s OK, but should you have e-commerce? Here are a few questions:

  • Do you have products that are commodities or consumables that customers often need and could order more easily than picking them up? These are things like light bulbs, oil filters, and toner cartridges. Convenience can be a factor here.e-commerce concept photo. Woman's torso with finger pressing shopping cart button floating in front.
  • Can you tempt your customer into the store with an online presence? If your product is something like a home decorating product that consumers shop for, having pictures on the internet (even if customers need to call for details) can bring more customers through the door?
  • Do you compete with big box retailers like Target, Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, or Home Depot? If you do, you’re probably already carrying product that is higher quality or more unique than these outlets. You can bet that the customer will got to one or more of these websites when shopping for their product. Your website gives you an opportunity to differentiate yourself from the big boys. After all, there are still consumers that respond to the “Confused? Call and we’ll help you out!” message.
  • Is your product unique or hard to find? Current trends in web promotion tell us that consumers look for specific models of product. They pull the belt from that old Chevy and look for a “DQD-0129-18” belt. If you’ve got one, you have a good chance of showing up high in Google.
  • Can you afford to walk away from the occasional sale you might make on the web? Years ago, most online sites were custom developed and cost tens of thousands of dollars. Today, you can be selling on eBay at almost no cost, and have an e-commerce website of your own for a few thousand dollars. Integration to your accounting software is often off-the-shelf and costs a fraction of what it did years ago.

Don’t misunderstand: if you’re going to be effective and generate big dollars in sales on the web, you will have to put work into product headlines, descriptions, photography, etc. But you can test the waters easily and quickly.

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