Sage 300 ERP – Gosh, I missed the memo

In the interest of correctness, I’ve just realized that I’ve been referring to software we support by the wrong name.

Sage 300 ERP has become Sage 300. Let’s see now…

It’s been Sorcim/IUS (in the grey/green box)

Businesswoman getting crazy in front of her laptopIt’s been Plus Series (in the blue box)

It’s been ACCPAC Plus

It’s been ACCPAC Advantage Series

It’s had editions 100, 200 and 500.

It’s had a small business edition.

It’s been Premier and Enterprise.

It’s been Sage ACCPAC ERP

It’s been Sage 300 ERP

It’s now Sage 300.

No wonder I’m confused. So are clients, Sage! I’ve had more than one discussion with a client about why Sage ACCPAC Advantage 100 Edition wasn’t the same as Sage 100, but was the same as Sage 300 ERP.

Arghhhh! What marketing people do to justify their continued existence! And to make it worse, the announcement page has a stock photo of a “businesswoman holding folder laughing.”