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Last week, Sage released the newest version of its Sage 300 product. According to the “What’s New” document, the 2016 version will include some minor functionality changes as well as browser-only versions of key screens (user interface elements). This is a complete rewrite of the user interface, and while not all functions can be completed through this interface, it looks like a major upgrade in the browser-based version of the product.

Sage 300 Browser Interface

Technical users generally understand that saying that a product has a “browser” or “web” interface doesn’t necessarily mean that it runs only over the Internet or in the “Cloud.” In the case of Sage 300, the product has a version that runs in a web browser. It works on a server “on premise,” or (theoretically) in the Cloud. Trouble is, it only works natively with Internet Explorer.

From a technical standpoint, the previous browser-based product used OCX controls which Internet Explorer could run. Having OCX controls meant that the HTML (browser language) was just a wrapper, and that relatively large OCX files had to be transferred to the workstation for the product to run. It is actually a pretty nice implementation of a web browser only interface given the technology at the point Sage started uilding the web interface.

What we have now is a NATIVE web interface for at least part of the product. This means faster, easier, and more flexible. Many of the tools Sage is using are public domain, and best-in-class. This means an exciting future for the product; Sage pouring R & D dollars into a rewrite, and  choosing well-known tools to build it. Both of these are excellent signs.

More 2016 ERP Data To Come

As we install the new version and put it through its paces, we’ll post some of the more interesting things we find.

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  1. SAGE ERP is more simple to use but what I understand here in Ethiopia Is there is no professionals who can control. I think it is better if the company able to prepare training sections in East Africa & better to have trained in this Financial software in this Emerging African Tiger Market.

    GOD Bless You All

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