Sage 300c – A new ERP option

Sage 300 2016 is out. With this release comes the first installment of a product that Sage announced at least three years ago, dubbed Sage 300c. It’s a fully web-based version of the product (no OCX controls) that runs across many platforms including tablets and phones. At this time, only financial modules (GL, AP, AR) have been released in this version. Other functionality is still available in the standard interface.

A couple of notes from our review:

  • This web product apparently cannot coexist with the Portal, since it and the Portal use the same database.
  • It is only available on a subscription model. Existing Sage 300 customers will receive something of a discount, but it still has added cost.
  • Since only financials are out, the product doesn’t address the need for field order entry, etc.
  • Based on the time from announcement to release of this product, it’s hard to say when the other modules will be out. The original discussions seemed to indicate that Sage was planning to release “pieces” of the other applications such as an Order Entry screen that could be used from the new platform, but the code for that isn’t out yet.
  • Not all the functionality in Sage 300 is ported directly to 300c. A trainer on the What’s New partner videos said something like, “The functionality within these web screens is more or less similar to the regular interface.” Not sure whether he meant more or less. Suffice it to say that there’s no official Sage feature-by-feature comparison of the products.
  • Like many things Sage (most recently the tiered Payroll pricing), this may be modified because of “Partner feedback.”

More as we know more.