Never Get Satisfied With ERP Software!

There is always more work to do on an ERP system! Let’s face it, systems can be hard to implement. Companies that set up new systems sometimes heave huge sighs and rest in the fact that they’ve made it to the end. There is always something new to do in an ERP system. It is often that “something more” that gives the big returns on new software.

Easy Tweaks in ERP

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning word cloud with magnifying glass business conceptThere’s always something to refine or clean up in the ERP system. Old items in inventory that need to be deleted or marked inactive. Customers that aren’t in business anymore. Vendors that haven’t supplied anything in 5 years. These kinds of cleanup have occurred to most people; “do it tomorrow” is the biggest block to getting this done. Like cleaning out the garage, it is easy to put off but very satisfying once done.

Bigger Value Tweaks

Some companies just never got around to using some ERP features that save time. Using with the bank to download transactions and automate bank reconciliations is an example. Many companies list “automate purchasing” as a key goal during system selection. In the end, they may not get minimum and reorder quantities set well enough to use automated ordering.

Adding Features

If you’ve ever thought, “I wish the system could …” then there is likely either a feature already there to handle the function, or it can be added. ERP consultants and experts keep up-to-date not only on new features of ERP systems, but also on the growing market for add-on or third-party applications which add even more features. EDI, shipping, logistics, warehouse management, etc., can dramatically improve the efficiency of your system.

Don’t be satisfied with what you have now! Explore opportunities to add features and improve productivity.