If A Customer Chooses Another Supplier, How Hard Should You Fight?

I’ve always liked Seth Godin. He writes well, and thinks outside the box. Plus he writes little books that are easy and quick to read.
His idea of quitting, or changing strategy is interesting. If you’re politically minded, he has advice for Hillary (seems like no one calls her Senator Clinton: a cute bit of branding, that).
He also talks about a vendor that they walked away from. The vendor behaved (from his description) very professionally. He thinks that’s a good thing. Like some of the girls I knew in highschool, though, I don’t mind a little fighting over my business. Far too many vendors give up far too early. I’m not talking about the aggressive stuff; just a bit of attention to let us know that the vendor cares about our business.
Seth, don’t you wish that your vendor had fought a bit over you?? I would have.
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