Sage Insights Conference in Washington, DC

It seems that all software vendors have an annual conference. Sage’s Insights conference focuses on the Sage ACCPAC ERP product line. Sage ACCPAC ERP is–well, obviously–an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software product. I’m increasingly reading various information that seems to imply that Sage partners are having trouble adding new customers at the rate they have in the past. His March 7 issue included the comment (talking about a new bundle that Sage had announced), “Given that, about two weeks ago, one reseller said new Sage sales are had to come by, this is worth a shot.” Check out Bob Scott over at the Consulting Insights newsletter for his take on the issue.
Anyway, all that is to say that I’ve got my reservation for Insights and we’ll see what’s new at the conference. Looks like Bob Scott may even be there (along with the bevy of motivational speakers). It’s May 12-15. I’ll let you know what (if anything) looks new.

If A Customer Chooses Another Supplier, How Hard Should You Fight?

I’ve always liked Seth Godin. He writes well, and thinks outside the box. Plus he writes little books that are easy and quick to read.
His idea of quitting, or changing strategy is interesting. If you’re politically minded, he has advice for Hillary (seems like no one calls her Senator Clinton: a cute bit of branding, that).
He also talks about a vendor that they walked away from. The vendor behaved (from his description) very professionally. He thinks that’s a good thing. Like some of the girls I knew in highschool, though, I don’t mind a little fighting over my business. Far too many vendors give up far too early. I’m not talking about the aggressive stuff; just a bit of attention to let us know that the vendor cares about our business.
Seth, don’t you wish that your vendor had fought a bit over you?? I would have.
Seth’s Blog: Sunk costs, quitting and the value of your brand

New Version of Outlook Sync for Dynamics NAV 5.0

When Dynamics NAV 5.0 came out, one of the revisions to the product that I liked the most was the Outlook Sync revision. In the previous version, the Sync was real time, but I had problems with it. It duplicated data in both Contacts and Appointments, and I always wanted to be able to extract data from NAV into Outlook.
5.0 offered me this ability. There’s a new release of the sync product. It’s basically a re-do of some key areas. Take a look at the MS blog entry and tell us what you think.
MSDN Blog Postings サ Outlook Integration Update for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0

New Focus for The Blog: ERP and Business Software

It’s amazing how long it has been since I’ve written even a simple blog entry…but here’s the thing: I’ve decided that there are an amazing number of bloggers out there that do a bang-up job of reporting on and commenting on the tech world.
My expertise is in business software (ERP, Accounting, etc.), software development, and business strategy.
So from now on, the comments here (as much as I can control myself) will be centered around those topics.
Please disagree. Please comment. I like to argue.