Lanham ADCS for Dynamics NAV

I just spent 3 days in training at Lanham Associates on their Dynamics NAV add-on product, ADCS (Automated Data Capture System). It’s the wireless warehousing add-on that they developed to sit on top of the Dynamics NAV product. They wireless product in base NAV is functional at collecting the data, but it gives the warehouse employees relatively little in the way of ability to initiate transactions.
I must say, I’m impressed with the ADCS product. It does the things that you’d expect a warehouse system to do (pick, put-away, etc.), as well as allowing dynamic stuff in the warehouse (move this pallet over there, etc.)
Warehousing is one place that companies can really generate some ROI by improving processes, and my read on this product is that it can be very helpful in that regard. Post comments if you want more info on it. I’ll post additional notes as I think of things to write.