An ERP Selection Process That Guarantees Results

IT Toolbox recently noted that 73% of all manufacturers are dissatisfied with their current ERP systems. Not surprising, they say.
The problem–says IT Toolbox–is the “legacy selection process commonly used is flawed.” Bingo!
So what do they recommend? A three step process that begins with “define the critical requirements.” Basically, a Needs Analysis!
Now where have I heard this before? Oh, right, that’s the way DGG has done it for twenty years!
If you want the details on this process, check out the Guide To Selecting Business Software, available for free.
I just love it when someone else touts a “revolutionary” process that’s as old as the hills. Why don’t people do it this way? Because it takes more time. It’s also more precise.
An ERP Selection Process that Guarantees Results!