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Block does a good job of pointing out the advantages of QuickBooks vis-a-vis Peachtree here. If you are thinking of purchasing one or the other, you might want to consider his ideas.
He is correct that there are a large number of QB add-ons, and that the SDK provides an API (application programmer interface) that is very functional. I suspect however, that the number of downloads of the SDK indicates more that it is free and there is interest than that this many products will be built for QuickBooks. One should also know that some of the add-ons will not work together so if you need one, you’re good. If you need two, be sure they are compatible.
The point that is omitted is that almost no one purchases QuickBooks because it has all the features they need. They purchase it because it is (a) very inexpensive (I almost wrote cheap), and (b) many bookkeepers and CPAs know it. These are very important considerations, and are part of the reason that Data Guidance Group supports the product.
However, with any software selection, it is important to understand the needs of the business before purchasing. There are some things that QuickBooks does not do or does not do well which indicate a need for other options. There are also things that SAP or J D Edwards does not do or does not do well. All of these need to be considered.
To put it succinctly, a partner in the CPA firm I worked for 20 years ago once asked me, “What is the best computer?”
My answer (still): “That all depends on what you are trying to do.”
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