Why All the Business Commentary about the iPad?

The iPad hasn’t failed to disappoint.
Business computing commentators continue to lambast the device as a glorified iPod Touch (which it is). Gaming commentators say it doesn’t have enough horsepower. For a book reader, it’s too expensive (I refuse to put the e in front of book!)
Here’s the deal, though: for a device that allows Dad to browse the web, check corporate email, use apps for business, buy and sell stocks, etc., and at the same time Mom to do her thing, and at the same time store and play the umpteen episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Lost or Heroes, it’s brilliant. Years ago, we spent thousands of dollars putting DVD players, VCRs, and TV screens in the car to pacify the kids on trips. Today it’s hook up the iPad. Each kid can have one for less than the cost of equipping the car with a VCR in the old days.
Multifunction. Portable. Business Apps. Web Browsing. Entertainment. Even lame games.
It will be a hit. Maybe not with you and me, but it will be a hit.
Know It All – The Industry – Doubting the iPad