How to Try Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft D365 Business Central looks like a very busy web site when you login in. There is a learning curve; finding features and reports goes faster if you have a bit of help. We released an 11 minute video this week to help navigate through the system. A few features covered are discussed below.

Selecting Business Central Role Centers

The first page that comes up when you log in to Business Central is called a Role Center. There are different pre-built roles in Business Central like “Business Manager” or “Accountant.” Each of these has different Role Center links that make it easier for someone in that role to get to the functions they need. To see and change a user’s Role, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and choose, “My Settings.”

Dynamics 365 Business Central Role Center screen capture.

Managing Multiple Companies

You can have as many companies as you want to set up in Business Central. Change companies on the “My Settings” page just like the Role. The license that installs with Business Central (the trial license) requires that company names begin with CRONUS.

Menus, Tabs, and Actions

The Role Center for Dynamics 365 Business Central also has a drop down menu at the top. Quick links (like Customers, Vendors, and Items above) take you directly to needed data. Actions are like quick links; actions preceeded by + will add a new item. So the Action labeled “+Sales Quote” creates a new sales quote.

More Information on the Video

The video covers this and more. Included are suggestions for using the sample data. For example, Blue, Red, and blank locations (warehouses) are good choices because they don’t require you to use the Warehouse Shipping and Receiving functions in the system to create and post Sales Orders and Purchase Orders. The full video runs 11 minutes and provides an introduction to finding what you need. We are planning a follow up video on making design changes in BC.

The Business Central¬†video is available on YouTube. If you’d like to set up a trial of BC, you can do that here. More information is available on our website.


PPP Changes Signed

Perhaps a blog about IT and business software isn’t the place for news about the Paycheck Protection Program. We’ve always focused on business applications of technology, though. In this case, the PPP is an important tool for business continuity. So we want to make sure that our readers at least have occasional information about what’s going on.

Here’s an article from Forbes discussing the changes to the PPP that were signed into law last week.