Adding Attachments With the Business Central Mobile App

Business Central’s mobile app has been out for several versions now. It displays pages in a size friendly (adaptive) way on mobile devices. Horizontal menus at the top of pages are converted to page-filling scrolling buttons that are easy to tap, even on a small phone.

Limits of a Mobile Device

Of course, because of the amount of data entered for an order (item number, description, and quantity at a minimum), you might expect to have a bit more difficulty with these tasks. Business Central’s app converts lines in a grid to full pages, making them easier to navigate. The one issue I had was getting a “full picture” of an order. For example, answering questions like, “How many lines are on this order?” or “What is the total and tax?” or “Does that include the discount?” All of this is possible, it just takes a bit of scrolling and pinching to get to it.

Attaching Photos to Documents

One thing we’ve been asked for in previous versions is the ability to take a photo and attach it to an order. Perhaps a customer signature on a delivery ticket. Or the items delivered on site (like Amazon’s delivery).

There is not a “take a picture” button in the current Business Central app. It has always been possible to take a photo and attach it to a document in Business Central. Depending on mobile internet speed, this can be quite quick. In the latest version of iOS, however, we found a way to take the picture and attach it without the step of saving it and locating it again.

Demonstration on iPhone

It’s easier to show this than tell about it, and this also gives you an idea about the look and feel of the app as well.

Let us know if this is helpful.