Business Central Pages (Toggles) Broken by Chrome Update

A few days ago, Google announced a Chrome security update. Today I got an email from a client that the Customer, Vendor, and Item screens looked odd. A screenshot like the one below was attached.

Toggle (yes/no) buttons broken by Chrome Security Update.


Notice the toggle (yes/no) buttons in the top left corner of each column.

When we first got the screenprint, we could not reproduce it. I remembered the Chrome update and the client had mentioned that it did not happen on Edge. I checked my version of Chrome like this:

Check your version of Chrome by choosing three dot menu, help, about Chrome.

That is, (a) three dot menu, Help, About Google Chrome. If your Chrome is out of date, you will see a message unless your Chrome Updates are managed by your organization. Mine are, and are controlled by our Antivirus. So I noted the version (102.x.x.x) and went to the Chrome download site to get (103.x.x.x). After the update, the toggles appear as above.

By the time you read this, hopefully it will be fixed. But if it’s not, at least you’ll understand why your UI looks bizarre.