More and More Phishing Sophistication

I got the email below today. I suppose it could be legitimate. While I’m a CPA, I don’t generally do individual returns. You can find me in a few CPA directories, and I’m a member of both the AICPA and the TN Society of CPAs. There are a couple of interesting things. First, the 2021 tax return is overdue. So is the extension. Second, the from address and the reply to were not only different, but at different domains. I wondered about the domain NAVER.COM, so I went to Google and typed “What is” It’s a South Korean search engine company, so say the Google Gods. A 1099R is for the distribution of retirement benefits. That, a W-2 and a Schedule C might seem a little odd. The grammer isn’t particularly good, but I’ve seen worse from my kids’ texts.

All in all, I’m suspicious. Phishing? Maybe. Probably. Worth a reply, when a reply would likely have several files attached which I would need to open? Not on your life.





Terry, if you are really looking for a tax return preparer, I hope you find someone. I didn’t reply.

Be careful out there. The phishing attacks are getting better day by day.