Business Central 21 Launches

By now, you’ve seen the new version of Business Central, 2022 Fall Wave. One of the changes almost everyone in finance will notice is the replacement of Account Schedules, Business Central’s legacy term for financial statments with Financial Statements. The new list screen looks like the one below.

Business Central New Financial Statement List View

An account schedule was actually a definition of the Rows (Row Definition) above. For one row definition, one or more column definitions could be created. It is common to have, for example, an income statement with the columns month, prior month, year to date, and prior year to date. Another column definition might be created for month, budget, variance, % of budget, and year to date, year-to-date budget, variance, and %.

The new Financial Statement allows creation of the same options, but permits them to be saved as separate reports. Part of this is simply convenience, but another benefit is the ability to schedule reports to run at approprate times without having to run the account schedule multiple times with different column definitions.

The Schedule option is on the “Send to…” button on the report print screen:

Send To... options screen

Selecting this option gives you the ability to schedule the report, control the repetition, and control the start and stop dates of the report.

Schedule options for reports

Also, if you missed it, you might want to look at our previous post on exporting the data behind the report. You might find this a better way to get data to Excel or other tools for more processing. Exporting reports tends to export formatting as well that needs to be deleted before the data is usable.

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